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The pictures on this page are some of those which I have taken since the digital age began (and a  few from before) which I like the most.

I started in photography at the age of eleven, when I purchased my first camera with my newspaper route money, a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. It was elegant simplicity: two buttons and one knob. I learned some of the basics with that camera and remember wandering around English Bay and Stanley Park (right next to where I lived at the time) snapping black and white pictures of everything in sight. I loved that camera and have one in my collection. (Top right)

The next camera I got was for my thirteenth birthday from my dad and stepmother. Eileen at the time was a professional photographer, and they bought me my first 35mm camera. It was in the days of bellows cameras with levers and knobs on it. Eileen gave me a thousand feet of black and white film and a fistful of cassettes, and told me to go to it. She taught me how to load cassettes in the pitch dark, and away I went again snapping pictures everywhere. In exchange for cleaning up her studio at Broadway and MacDonald each Saturday I was allowed to use her developing and printing equipment when she didn't need it. It was a little Baldinette camera, and I have one of these in my collection as well. (Second from top, right)

All of this gave me a pretty good grounding in the technical part of photography. But as all camera buffs know, the camera is just a tool, and the real art in photography is in the eye of the photographer. I have taken tens of thousands of pictures over the years, but there are only a few in which I take pride from an "art" perspective. Being a camera snob, I make a distinction between snapshots and photographs.

When I stop working full time (soon I hope) one of my goals is to spend much more time doing creative photography. The advent of the digital camera (see right, bottom) allows me an incredible tool for photography, and Photoshop software another tool to fix mistakes and improve images.

I must say that, even though I like these, you may not.... don't worry about any art, a good photograph is in the eye of the beholder.

I hope that you enjoy these... I have started with a few and will add more as time permits.

Please note that I have "thumbnailed" the pictures so that the page will load faster on your
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When you do that, it will take a few seconds for each picture to fully load as I have deliberately left the full pictures quite large. It is worth the wait to see the details.

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This is the daughter of one of my sisters-in-law and is a perfect example of accidental success... I was across the room from her, and she was talking to someone else. At the exact instant I pushed the shutter, she noticed me and looked up..... I call this:

The Eyes Have It....

The Reading room at the new British Library in London.

Close up photography can often yield unsuspected subjects......

Even closer

A Rose bush by any other name......

Still life McCormick and Schmicks's, Seattle.... no flash, just the light fixture

A canal near Sowerby Bridge, Kent, England just after sunrise

The late afternoon sun lighting a castle in Northern England

     Dale Chihuly's work at the Tacoma Art Museum, 2004.....


Dogwood in our back yard......

The fishing fleet at Greencastle, Ireland

A snow bank near Rossland, BC  January, 2005

Sunset at Malin Head, the most Northerly part of Ireland

Marsha at Malin Head, gazing at the Atlantic

Marsha in a contemplative mood

The Millenium Eye in London (a lot of Photoshop stuff in this image)

A water feature at the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas

Birds in a cage at Ixcaret, Mayan Riviera

A NASTY goose near Pemberton, BC.... Look at that eye... Whew!!!!

A mountain lake North of Pemberton, BC

Ramelton, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland (can you see the bird flying?) I like this partly because the village is so quaint, but also because the sky in the original image was just overcast. I cut this sky out of another picture.

Windows and reflections at the Tacoma Art Museum

   Oscar, our cat, in bird hunting mode
     This one is interesting if you look at the large version.
     If you squint hard at his eye in the large picture you can
 see a reflection of our house... Really neat!!!

Another close up from our driveway in Spring.

Xpu Ha (Ishpoo ha) Resort beach, near Tulum, Mayan Riviera

The Cathedral of Yorkminster, York, England

Aren't we lucky to live in Vancouver?

Harvest time in Northumberland, England... This picture required some
Photoshop manipulation as there was a power wire running across the sky.

Sunset in Tel Aviv, July, 2005

Night in Las Vegas... again no flash, just available light

A Tulip at the end of Sunshine

Remember - to see a full size picture of these thumbnails, just click on them....

Winter Storm at Long Beach, BC

I always like flower pictures. This one was manipulated in Photoshop
to turn the leaves grey and blur them to provide focus to the poppies

Julies Bar, Notting Hill, London - again, just available light

Hebton Bridge, West York, England

Kids are always a great source for pictures when they are not
aware that you are there. If they are aware they start to clown
around. These kids are playing next to the Millenium Eye in London
while waiting their turn to have a ride.

A peaceful canal in Westport, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland.

One of the subjects I am always on the lookout for are what I call
"Textures". These are some of my favourites

A lighted column next                A store display in the                         A jar of pickled peppers
in the bar at Treasure               Forum at Caesar's                              in a store at New York,
Island, Las Vegas                     Palace, Las Vegas                              New York, Las Vegas



A somber inlet in Western Ireland

An Irish Bar in mid afternoon -
once again, only available light - no flash

A pastoral farm scene in Northern Ireland

Interesting shape in the Kelowna Airport Departure Lounge

Pretty Purple Posy

A waterfall garden feature at the Mirage, Las Vegas

These are pictures I took while at anchor in Secret Cove near
Pender Harbour in about 1980


This one is kind of weird, but I like it

Colour and Contrast

The Chihuly Ceiling at Bellagio, Las Vegas

Kids playing at the beach is a Universal theme:

       Northern Ireland                                      Surrey, BC                               


  Tel Aviv, Israel


Danzante Resort near Loreto, Mexico

Harrison Lake, British Columbia


Niagara Falls, Ontario
Sometimes you don't even need sand and the ocean

Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii


Yad Vashem Holocaust Center, Israel

Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Old City, Jerusalem, Israel

Mom and her hungry babies


These are some pictures from Hearst Castle at San Louis Obispo, California

      Reflections in the Indoor         Very Still Life in the            Heavenly Light               Opulence at the    
Pool                                           Garden                                                                          Outdoor Pool


We ran into a Farmers' Market in Santa Barbara



Nelson's Column at end of Day, London, England

Sunrise on the already busy beach, Tel Aviv, Israel

Bahai Temple and Gardens, Haifa, Israel
Did you know that this is the fourth major religion based in Israel?

            Acco, Israel -old and new               The Old Wall and the Sea, Acco


The Acco Market sights (and smells)


Rosh Hanikra, Israel - Over the Top


Rocks and Water, Rosh Hanikra

The Carmel Market, Tel Aviv, Israel

Masada -  The Long Way Down

Here is a great example of the magic of Photoshop. These
are my wife and her sisters.

The final image is composed of parts of the other two.
The problem was in one picture Janet had her head down,
but the others were great. In the other picture Janet was
great but the others weren't. So I took Janet's good head
and replaced the one of her head down..... MAGIC!!!

This is the final product

These are the two originals

Some of my shots at Danzante Resort and surrounding areas near Loreto, Mexico




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