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  An Historic Donegal Village          A Remnant of Religious Persecution 




Marsha and I are spending from the third week in June, 2003 till August 4th traveling in Ireland and England. The first three weeks we will be in Letterkenny, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. This is the place I was for the month of March, 2003 beginning a large software installation in a manufacturing plant. The return visit is to complete that task.

After that Marsha and I will spend the next three weeks on a true vacation, traveling for one week down the West coast of Ireland from Letterkenny and around the bottom, and then up the East coast to Dublin. We plan to take the ferry over to Hollyhead in Wales and drive for a few days generally North and East through the centre of England. We have chartered a canal boat for a long weekend in West Yorkshire after which we will spend a day in the town of York and then take the train to London. We will be in London for eight nights before returning to Vancouver. All of these plans are subject to change depending on a variety of things.

We expect to see and experience a lot of neat stuff during this time, and are eager to share it with you here. We will, as we are wont to do, dispense a lot of information about our reactions to the things we see and experience, but that's just the price to pay for this great travelogue we hope to provide you.

As in the previous journal from Ireland in March, the existence of a "(P)"  in the text indicates that a picture relating to the text can be seen by clicking on it after which you can return directly to where you were in the journal.. These can be enjoyed, or ignored... your choice.

Watch this site for periodic additions as the weeks go by. On the top right of this page is a date showing the last time the web site was updated. Keeping an eye on this date is a good way to see if there is anything new for you to look at.

All six weeks of our trip our now completed and posted with the exception of some sections to be contributed by Marsha. These will be up in the next few days. I have temporarily removed the movie section.

If you spot an error, or if the menus don't make sense, please let me know so that I can fix it up.

Please remember that in addition to the gallery pictures attached to the journal pages, there are many more pictures of each of the major places we visited with their own page listed in the menu to the left.






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