Al and Marsha's Journal



Week 2

July 21st.


A model of what it was like before the fire

After the fire....  Imagine this happened after 20 years of restoration, the night before the grand opening!

Some partially restored, but  empty, rooms

The amazing gardens from inside


The Japanese Garden

The pet cemetery - see I said I wasn't making it up!

On the road again... this is what the no number roads look like from the driver's seat. Yikes!

Over the the Wicklow Mountains via the Wicklow Gap to Glendalough - note the tree farms.

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The very old round tower from the eighth century built by St. Kevin

The more recent (13th century) abbey ruins, and graveyard

Marsha is fascinated by very old gravestones

This area has relatively recent family plots and graves

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July 22nd.

To the Dingle Peninsula

In Adare - Marsha can never resist a library.....

These are the scenes we encountered from Tralee to and past Dingle, on the peninsula

This cow was really annoyed at me for disturbing her grazing

Another no number road

The scene just behind the An Patan B&B.

Next stop - Boston

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The Blasket Islands in the distance

This is an "A" road - one and one half lanes, no shoulder.


The street entertainer with his band (and a tourist smiling for the camera)

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Kinsale & Cobh


The Ferry


Georgian style homes - rare outside the big cities.

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The view from our hotel room.... not pretty, but a great hotel

The old and the new....note the satellite antenna on the left corner of the house.

The farmers' market

The Castle stables..... now stores

Its hard to imagine but this was the home of one family for centuries...

This park is the last remnant of what was a huge estate

The adjacent river with the hotel terrace bar on the other side which we were soon relaxing at.

The musicians at the local pub..... not a smile between them...  the lad in center has a great voice....

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A brief and wet visit to Kells

There is an amazing amount of family tragedy carved in this tombstone.... life was very hard...

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The Boyne River

The largest Passage Mound

More amazing countryside

The entrance with the carved stone (over two tons from 15kms away - 5,000 years ago!)
Just above the stone is the entrance to the passage, with the old door cover to the right, and
over the door is the opening through which the rising sun shines to the end of the passage
19 meters away on December 21st each year - if it isn't cloudy.

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