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Week 3   

Pictures of our times in and around Dublin


Grafton Street Zoo

St. Stephens Green

Self timer at work....

31 Leeson Close - the laneway entrance to the little hotel we stayed at last trip.

The St. Stephens Green Shopping Center - 20p to pee....

Trinity College Entrance

Everywhere in Dublin (or Ireland for that matter) the old and the new. The old is much more interesting.

Throughout Ireland are remnants of old infrastructure no longer useable, such as this pool next the the
Blackrock DART station. Graffiti is everywhere along the DART rout.

The clash of churches - these two are in Monkstown across the street from each other

The Liffy river in Central Dublin - the halfpenny bridge, until the 1920's a toll footbridge

Christ Church Cathedral

Some interesting information in Dublinia

Inlaid tiles on the floor at St. Patrick's Cathedral

The altar at St. Patrick's

The sign on the door to the choir school building - 60 years before Columbus!

Interesting warning - we never did see any plants emerging from anywhere. In Northern Ireland you see
many signs saying "Heavy Plant Crossing" but we didn't see any there either. I would love to see one of these
plants to see what they look like. I can't image a mobile plant, but anything is possible.

A Temple Bar bar

Temple Bar during lunch hour

The dancers at Dublin Castle

Oscar Wilde - the Fag on the Crag


Oscar Wilde quotes

Merrion Square -  the Georgian homes around this square were the height of social  status a few centuries ago.

Now here is a sensible sized car for Ireland's streets and roads

Here's a good way to hedge your bets....A bank and a bar and a restaurant all in one!

The entry to the Guinness brewery - in 1759 Guinness leased the original four acres for 9,000 years (yes
you read it right) for the price of 45 pounds per year. We passed by here on our hop-on-hop-off bus tour
and this fact was the kind of thing we hoped to get out of the bus ride. Now Guinness' brewery  occupies
dozens of acres in the heart of Dublin.

Kilnainhan Gaol - a corridor of cells - above many of the cells  are the names of famous rebels who spent
time in them.

The leader of the anti-treaty bunch in 1919 but who ended up being the first Prime Minister of the Irish Republic
spent some time here

The exercise yard - genders and children separated - no talking no touching no looking no eye contact
- walk in a circle eyes on the ground - two hours a day.

The public hanging balcony over the main entrance

A closer look at the place where the hanging beams once existed....


A dark and stormy night - looking back at Sandypoint Village - the fair Ferris wheel is visible at the left.

Forty Foot - The Gentlemen's' Bathing Place

Not very inviting

Dalky - picture postcard

The original Dalky library (1901), now used for something else... typical situation.. the new library is down the street
in a not very charming building.

Dalky Castle

Some of the church ruins on the Castel grounds

Main street from the Castle battlements

The hills where the granite for the Castle came from and where the pesky O'Neills lived.

The Lord Edward in Dublin - fancy seafood place - I show this picture because in every single restaurant
or pub we went to in all of Ireland they always brought this machine to the table to process your credit card.
If you wished to add a  tip the machine was handed to you to enter the amount, and  then the receipts were
printed. Very advanced technology rarely if ever seen in Canada. One good feature of this system... your
credit card was never out of your sight.

The Liffy at sunset

The rainbow - just before the deluge...

Temple Bar in the early evening - in the rain.

Another Temple Bar scene - note  the guy at extreme left behind the car.... he`s wearing boxing gloves and a
huge jock strap over his shorts..... never had the nerve to ask....

The Trad Music Group at Gastropub - back to the audience, no smiles....

Our young watching

The harbour at Dun Loaghaire

One lounge on the fast ferry to Holyhead, Wales

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