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Wales and England

The Welsh countryside

A 14th Century building on the grounds of the Hundred House Hotel - thought to be the original site of the

A bit eccentric, but fun - as you can see....

Sylvia's Garden....the pictures speak for themselves...

Meet Donk....

The Hundred House's well stocked bar.....

The Victorian Village

The dentist chair....

The Dentist price list....

A steam driven (via belts) lathe

Ditto for the drill press

What an artichoke on the stem looks like... new to Marsha...

Bees busy polinating

A small lock on the canal at the foundry for transporting goods to market

A typical salon of the time

A doctor's office and his tools....

The family one holer out back....

The blast furnaces

One of the very first steam locomotives ever built...

This is called a Squatter's cottage - housed eight or more - note the bathing facility hanging on the outside wall

On the road to Coalport.... what's wrong with this picture?

Now, this picture may at first glance not to be a problem for this car... but look again... this is the UK..
HE'S ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD.... why? because of this obstacle in the middle of
nowhere... also note on the sign in the picture above, he has to give way to the oncoming traffic. There is
no apparent reason for this obstacle to be there. Note that the sign has been clobbered - wonder why?

The canal at the china factory - built for its use to transport its products.

One of the kilns

Inside a kiln... the clay boxes each held many pieces of china ready to be fired....

A tree stump put to good use... on the road back to the Victorian Village

Ironbridge toll sign... note the part at the bottom... Royalty don't get no respect!

The town of Ironbridge from the iron bridge

The river Severn from the iron bridge.

The iron bridge from Ironbridge

The First Class lounge at Terminal 5 - just a small part of it

Terminal 5 Departure level from the lounge balcony

The very expensive stores here rival any department store in number

The Only Way to Fly!!!!

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