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Our Dublin Home

Our "home" for the next three weeks -

The balcony with Dublin Bay in the background

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Wicklow and points South


This is the seaside town of  Wexford


We thought that this was definitely worth noting.... it was exactly what it said it was!!! No smoking, but grass
is OK.... This is one very strange country.

After the roadblock and a lot of driving we got to see these extremely skilled craftsmen at work....

Grinding a bowl from one of 200 designs these guys have in their heads.

Several pieces on display from the artisans' imaginations... how did they get the
colour inside this piece???


This is Waterford's logo.... the inside curl of the tail tail is the outline of a shamrock.....

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Mussenden Temple and surrounding area

The Temple itself

Perched at the very edge of the cliff

Windblown Marsha

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Giant's Causeway Images

A long way down (and back up again)

Strange indeed!!! These are not paving stones placed there for walking on... they're totally natural

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Rope Bridge and area Images

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Carnlough Images

Every town with more than three houses, a church and a pub also has a Chinese takeout restuarant...

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Carrickfergus Castle Images

Marsha would have been just the right height in the 12th century...

If you are wondering (and who wouldn't?) where the result of this apparently strenuous activity ended up,
it was outside. Three latrines in the castle opened to the sea. The tides took care of the rest.


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The Linen Museum and the Jacquard Loom

The punched cards are fed from the pile on the right, up through the loom mechanism and back to a pile
right underneath.


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Blackrock Sunday Market

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