Al and Marsha's Journal




In early June we drove up to the Pemberton Valley North of Whistler for the day to visit Steven where he is living and working as a farm hand on a large farm. It was a beautiful day, and perfect for visiting such a spectacular part of our  world.


The farm is located right in the valley, at the foot of beautiful snow capped and glaciered mountains surrounding it on all sides. There are two pretty rivers running through or near the property to add a touch of the pastoral to the place.


Steven showed us around the farm with some pride, particularly the portions which he is responsible for. After that we went for a drive to look at some of the wonderful  scenery, and stopped for lunch at the Mount Curry Indian reserve where the "Main Street Cafe" is a roadside stand offering terrific hamburgers and chips.


It was a very pleasant day and we were both glad that we had been able to spend the time with Steven and see what his life is all about.


Here are a few of the pictures we took while we were there.


Farmer Steve (or "Farmer Stev" in deference to the Icelandic/Viking in him)


Steve taking care of his personal garden




  It's a tough life being a farm animal!


This is one NASTY goose!


Farmer Stev's comfy cabin


A beautiful lake watched over by a glacier





Farmer Stev's Ma

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