Al and Marsha's Journal



Day 1 - July 5th.

The Old City from the Jaffa Gate                                              The Dome of the Rock overlooking the Western Wall


The Southern Wall of Temple Mount and Mount of Olives     Part of the Group and the Southern Wall of Temple Mount


The Old City


Looking toward the King David Hotel and the YMCA              Looking South - Notice the new fence in the center of the picture


Cathy taking a rest                                              Ben Yehuda Street


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Day 2 - July 6th

Digging for ancient treasures                                                     Sifting for small finds


A huge underground complex


The Stalactite/Stalagmite Caves



Tree Planting at the Burma Road                                               Mini Israel


The Latrun Military Museum                                                    The Memorial Wall


A Wedding at the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem - outdoors
(Modern Orthodox)                                                                     Is that a face or what!!!


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Day 3 - July 7th.

The Pool at Beit Halochem.                                                        The Kiddie Pool for Families at Beit Halochem


Our Group getting the lowdown at Beith Halochem                   The Campus for Members and Family


The Hadassah Hospital is a very busy place..

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Day 4 - July 8th.

Herzel's Grave and Memorial                                                    Golda's Grave and Memorial


Rabin's Grave and Memorial                                                     Memorial to those killed by terrorists - note empty space        
                                                                                                      to the right


Military Cemetery overlooking Jerusalem                                          

Mother and Daughter listening to Nicole at Yad Vashem          The Zig Zag Gallery Path at Yad Vashem


The Victims' Memorial at Yad Vashem                                     The last gallery at Yad Vashem - the Victim Archive


A memorial to a Director of an Orphanage - sacrificed himself
to save his children. He went to the camps with the children.    Nicole speaking to the group at Yad Vashem


Preparing for Shabatt at Mea Shearim                                       On the way to the Old City at night


The Western Wall on Friday Night


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Day 5 - July 9th

The Shuk in the Old City                                                          


More Shuk                                                                                           


The Church of the Holy Sepulcher


The Pause that Refreshes                                 The smiling Bregmans - the girl on the left is a niece who is
note the fellow in the center rear selling tea    a coach of the Junior Girls Basketball team from Canada in Israel
from a samovar on his back.                             for the Macabbee games. 


The Hungry Horde at the Philadelphia                                       The Dubai Superstar and his entourage (He's the one with
                                                                                                      his finger on his lip.)


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Day 6 - July 10th

Nicole and the story of the Scrolls at Qumron                          The remains of part of the village at Qumron


The Cave where the first scrolls were found                             Wild Orex at the reserve


A stately male - not the boss man though                                  Refreshment stop at the edge of the Dead Sea


The Madhouse at the hotel...... does Les look happy??           The Pool and Dead Sea from our room


Schmoozing poolside                                                                    Floating in the Dead Sea


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Day 7 - July 11th

On Messada - heading for the Synagogue site -
Joyce carries the Torah                                                                  The Service at Massada


The B'Nai Mitzvah: Al and Charlotte                                                  Al and Joyce


Some ruins from Messada - below the black line is original     The trail down on the Roman Ramp


The View from Below

Site of the Camel Rides - Is this bleak country or what?  At one time all of Southern Israel looked like this.

Camel Riders


Camel and Donkey Riders - I don't know how the choice was made

The Opening of the Games

Two enthused Canadian Supporters                  Our Canadian Contingent in the front row


The Dancing Girls


The Canadian Athletes                                                                The Audience and the Athletes


The Wounded Israeli Children                                                    The Torch Bearer - the only Israeli Olympic Gold winner


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Day 8 - July 12th

The Carmel Market in Tel Aviv


Marsha and Monique discussing International Politics    The Carmel Market on a quiet day


A tuckered out teenager at Caesarea                                       The Coliseum with modern equipment ready                           


The Roman Aqueduct                                                                            


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Day 9 - July 13th

Our young sharpshooters - actually they did the best of all of us.

Marsha with a Uzi                                               Rabbi Bregman honing his skills


A rest break and refreshments at the horse riding stables        Waiting their turn - do they look enthusiastic?  - NOT!


All mounted and ready to go!!

A panorama of the Golan Heights looking East and covering almost due North to almost due South

The top of the Golan Heights - in the foreground fields owned by
the farmers of Quinetra in the centre left - a Jewish town in the
International buffer zone. At right centre is a base for the peace
keepers. In the distance is Syria.                                                       Nicole explains the politics of the Golan


A closer view of the UN base and Quinetra                               A Druze village on the Golan and their fields


One of the three headwaters of the Jordan River - a spring     The Temple of Pan at Banias


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Day 10 - July 14th

Life Jackets are essential on this wild river...                            The Zimmerman family dealing with foliage


The Bell family seem to have things under control                    The landing


A tough exit                                                                                  A cool down break


Refreshments for all

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Day 12 - July 15

Qyrat Shemona - Overlooked by the Golan - Imagine living in this       Now that's class!! I don't get with the Elvis
town with the Syrians shooting down at you every day......                     Sumo wrestler.


The Coast South from Rosh Hanikra                                         The Cable Car at Rosh Hanikra


One of the Grottos at Rosh Hanikra                                          Gates to the Lebanese border Military Station


Pretty Scary Place!!                                                                     Great Direction Signs....


The Copper & Silver Store in Acco                                            Acco


The Acco Market


More...                                                                                         The Acco Ramparts




Our Druze Lunch


The Port of Haifa and the BaHai Temple and Gardens


Tel Aviv from our hotel                                                               Tel Aviv at sunset


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Day 13 - July 16

The Promenade and Old Jaffa                                                    The Beach and Hotel Strip from Jaffa


Old Jaffa Harbour                                                                       Hotel Strip from our cool little restaurant


The Harbour from our restaurant                                              Fishermen and their smelly catch


Family Picnic on the Beachfront Park                                        Celebrating the Bregman's Anniversary


The Group's Final Dinner        `                                                  Shira's speech - is mom proud or what???


The Most Young and the Least Young with the leaders           The B'nai Mitzvah and Nicole


The Kids - don't they look great!!!!!

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