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Text Box: In Memoriam

Text Box:  In Memoriam

Esther Pictures

                                       Baby mom                                      With her older sister Sally

                                        Jewish Girls' Summer Camp - 1928 - Age 14                                           

                                                                                                             At Whytecliffe Park - 1936


                              Princess Cruises - Caribbean 1990


                              Another cruise - 1995


Mom and Me

                                                        English Bay with mom and my dad's sister Sadye.
                                                        Wasn't I cool in those shades?
                                                        Sylvia Hotel in the background.
                                                        When built it was the tallest building in Vancouver.




Mom and my son Mark

All the great grandkids - Keira doesn't look very happy.... Mom's very amused.
Jessi, Madelaine, Keira, Jaiden

A few years later..... does mom look proud or what? Just noticed - each of the kid's personalities are
on their faces in this picture.....that's Jill, Mark's new wife in the background. Also just noticed. Mom's outfit
in this picture is exactly the same as the previous one, taken years earlier.

With my sons Kevin z'l  and Mark - same outfit as the above two pictures

Mom's parents with Sally                                      Mom's dad and step-mother Molly - she was as stern as she looks

Mom and Sally at someone's Christmas Party

Mom and a few of her days and nights on the town...

Palomar Supper Club - November 12, 1945

What do you think that dirty old man is leering about????

Who the hell is this Jack guy anyway?????
And when was mom in Santa Monica??????       Party Gal!

Mom and some of her "boys" at the Bayshore Inn

The Cast of two of the Yiddish plays put on annually by the UJPO

                                                           Mom - she wasn't normally scary looking like this.....

The UJPO Choir - directed by Claire Osipov (Klein) who is still singing


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